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kvrg studios 

we only play music and nothing else

who we are

kvrg studios 3 radio stations under one roof

We are a privately-owned radio station which was established in January 2017. There are four people currently working voluntarily to organize its structure, as well as direction. Our primary mission is to reach worldwide listeners who enjoy music from the 50s to current day Centred around playing tracks that most radio stations hardly play on the air, covering a wide variety of genres. The focus is with roots from Rhythm and Blues, 60’s Progressive Rock of well-known artists and Middle of The Road. Rock of the 70s with additional Jazz Funk and Soul as well as Country and occasional New Wave to the 80s and 90s.  Requests at [email protected]


Robert Doermann
CEO KVRG Studios

.My name is Robert Doermann. I’m a US Citizen living in Germany for 35 Years.
. At the age of 16, I made my FCC license and broadcasted on a Radiostation in California called KLVK. After four years I left CA and joined the Army. That was most of my life.
After I got out of the Army I went back to Germany. I worked part times for a Radiostation in a Canadian Air Base till they left Germany.

I started Vaping about two years ago. The reason was that I got a bad Diagnostic when I went to my Doctor. Parkinson- and smoking and hard medicine don’t fit together.
The same time I found some really cool people on the net. They showed me more about vaping like
Juices, coils, etc. One day I came up with a crazy idea – starting an Internet Radiostation.
And I did it, called: VapersRadio-listen to my show.
I broadcast online since 11/2016. It started slowly with like 20 to 150 listeners. In 01/2017 I started a new channel with ZENO LIVE- “with one stream”. After a month I had between 400 and 800 listeners.
And then – FRITz – helped me get more things going. He gave me most of the music I am playing. Then we opened up two more streams and our listeners up.

The Radiostation has now over 3.652.866 songs and 4.000 artists we can play. And weekly it’s getting more. We play music all over the world.
Our motto
Good Music Doesn’t Have an Expiration Date.

We play almost forgotten music and music that other Radiostations don’t play anymore.


Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

I like the perfectionism of this channel, and that they go beyond everything to produce an amazing sound
Who says you have to be a media mogul to own a radio station?
I like the station’s programming and image and that they out of their way to produce an amazing sound, also not staying in the norm.

sam baxter


Hi my name is ross Sutherland Resilience Training Co-ordinator
I work forSchool Public Health Service
Kent Community Health NHS Foundation Trust
and a pofesenal radio staton in england and Broadcast on KVRG “I love being part of the set up at KVRG. It’s an exciting station and Robert has selected some great shows. Oh, and mine!”

Ross Sutherland

Resilience Training Co-ordinator School Public Health Service
Channel radio 1 UK

KVRG studios have been running a commercial for us on their websites and it helped our business grow.
More people are coming to our shop.

M. Muley

dampf Shop 76

KVRG are an outstanding supporter of internet radio
Supporting great music and promoting DJs and presenters in a professional manner and are second to none. Thank you . 

david j Clark

Radio Announcer

great channel good music also supporting the community

MRC Crue

Music Radio Creative


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Dampf Shop 76

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